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Summer School on European Integration (European Forum Alpbach)

Every year since 1992, the Alpbach Summer School on European Integration, which is run as part of the European Forum Alpbach, has offered a compact yet comprehensive course on the law and policies of the European Community (EC) and of the European Union (EU).

Date: Thursday, August 20 to Friday, September 04
Location: Elementary School
Language: English

The Alpbach Summer School on European Integration welcomes students from Austria as from other countries. Together they enjoy the challenge of an intensive learning experience of two weeks - in the picturesque setting of Alpbach in the Tyrolean Alps and in a multi-cultural atmosphere.

This summer school, the only one of its kind in Austria, is run in parallel English and German language classes.  It is designed to assist students in acquiring a basic understanding of the workings of the EC-EU, to equip them with the skills required to analyze socio-economic and legal issues of European integration and, more generally, to introduce them to a culture and practice of animated debate of contemporary problems facing European integration.

Target audience

Students and young graduates of, for instance, (economic) law, business administration, economics and other social and political sciences

Scholarships are available for this Summer School. http://www.dipcorpus.at.ua/avatar/07/Leaflet_Scholarships_SuSch.pdf

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