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UNESCO: Acting with and for Youth

UNESCO's objective is to help empower young people, reaching out to them, responding to their expectations and ideas, fostering useful and long-lasting skills. 
Meeting this objective is a challenging task!

The United Nations define youth as persons between the ages of 15 and 24. UNESCO understands that young people are a heterogeneous group in constant evolution and that the experience of ‘being young’ varies enormously across regions and within countries.

We are encouraging:
The participation of young women and men in UNESCO and its various networks and partner organizations, to open up opportunities for all to listen to and engage in dialogue.
Partnerships between UNESCO and young people’s networks and organizations, to solicit and integrate their views and priorities and collaborate with them in setting up projects and programmes in the areas of the Organization’s competence.
The integration of youth concerns and issues into the policy agendas of Member States in education, the sciences, culture and communication, in order to create spaces and opportunities for empowering young people and giving recognition, visibility and credibility to their contributions.
Our programme focuses on:

Contact: ucj@unesco.org
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