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Scholarships in Economics, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain
The Department of Economics of Universidad Carlos III de Madrid offers a distinguished Graduate Program in Economics to outstanding young graduates in a full time basis.
The program is composed by a two-year Master in Economic Analysis aimed at training students in advanced economics, followed by two or three additional years of research towards the completion of a PhD dissertation.

All entering students can benefit from scholarships covering living expenses and fees financed by the Department of Economics (conditional on satisfactory academic performance and collaboration in academic tasks).

As a result of the University's strong commitment to research, in a recent comparison of economics departments, sponsored by the European Economic Association, it has been recognized as number 51 in the world, number 10 in Europe, and number 1 in Spain. There is a large, international faculty, highly commited with quality in teaching and research. Furthermore, the quality of our PhD Program in Economics has been confirmed by a recent study (Amir and Knauff, Ranking Economics Departments Worldwide on the Basis of PhD Placement, available at the website http://www.ssrn.com/), which ranks our PhD Program among the best in Europe.

Our Graduate Program is member of the European Network for Training in Economic Research http://www.enter-program.com/, an initiative by eight of the leading economics departments in Western Europe:

Barcelona (Universitat Autonoma), Brussels (Free University), Mannheim, Stockholm (joint graduate programme), Tilburg, Toulouse, UCL and Universidad Carlos III. The network organises extended exchanges of research students between the participating departments.

All academic activities of the Graduate Program are conducted in English, and therefore an adequate level of written and spoken English is required to all the applicants. In addition, graduate students are expected to achieve an appropriate level of written and spoken Spanish at the end of their first year in order to accomplish their duties within the department.

Applications are welcome from those students with outstanding grade in Bachelor degree or equivalent and a strong quantitative background as well as interest to conduct independent research. Admissions criteria are based on the level of academic excellence demonstrated by the candidate, and on appropriate candidate background for the rigorous study of economics. Notice that applications must be done to the Master in Economic Analysis. You can find more information, as well as the application form, at this page.

Exceptionally, students with a Master degree in economics or a closely related field, passed with distinction, can be considered directly for application to the PhD in Economics. Nevertheless, they should apply to the Master in Economic Analysis indicating their desire to be admitted directly to the PhD.

Contact: doctorado2@ceaes.uc3m.es

Deadline: 2009/05/31

The deadline is rather prompt but you may consider this as an opportunity for next year
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