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East - West bridge: Green values for South Caucasus! CDN Summer Camp 2009, 19. July – 26. July 2009, Georgia

East - West bridge: Green values for South Caucasus!  CDN Summer Camp 2009, 19. July – 26. July 2009, Georgia
The call for the participants

Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe (www.cdnee.org) is announcing a call for participants of the summer camp »East - West bridge: Green values for South Caucasus!«. This project will take place from 19th of July to 26th of July 2009 in Georgia and is so far financially supported by the Council of Europe, the European Youth Foundation and the Green Forum, Sweden.

The call

This call is open for applicants coming from any of the Council of Europe member states and Belarus.  The participants should be interested in the topics of this event, willing to take active part in the planned activities and open for new experiences and people. The advantage (but not the condition) is to have green organisation background and the experience with the topics of the event. Considering that this is a youth event the participants will not be younger then 17 and older then 32. The selection of the participants will be completed by the International Prep Team at the meeting in June 2009. 

We would like to keep participation open for people of different education levels and with different backgrounds. Important is the diversity of experience and knowledge. The allocation of participants will be based on gender and geographical balance. We will use the application files standard procedure.

The application

DEADLINE for submitting the application (filled in application form attached to the call) to office@cdnee.org is 1st of June 2009 at 24.00 CET. 

Within 7 days you will receive a confirmation e mail, that your application has been received (if you do not get such e mail you will need to re-send your application)

General conditions

If accepted as participant to this event, you should arrange your travel in most environmental friendly and economic way. 

The organisers will partly reimburse your travel expenses. At the moment we are not able to confirm the exact amount but we are aiming to be able to support up to 70% of your travel costs, upon presentation of all the original receipts. Accommodation, meals, educational materials and refreshments will be provided by organisers for the entire duration of the activity, free-of-charge.  The participation fee for the event will be set at later stage aiming at around 40 euro per participant. 

Project information

Working language: English

Number of working days: 6

Project summary:

Purpose of this educational seminar will be to explore and discuss experiences and methods of democratic societies basic concepts which are tackled by youth participation: Principles of non violence – conflict management, human rights (protection of sexual, religious and ethnic minorities) and Gender issues.

We want to evaluate development and achievements so far and give guidelines for the Caucasus region to become integral part of the European community.

We want to learn about the role of young people in building of civil society and methods that can be used to make youth work efficient and effective by implementing democratic way of work and human rights respect.

We plan to celebrate diversity, promote intercultural and inter ethnic understanding, to encourage multiculturalism, interethnic dialogue by emphasizing youth work and activism as important part in supporting of sustainable, democratic, multiethnic and diverse society development.

Defining concept of nonviolence and its methods. Exploring non violent conflict resolution, skills and strategies, encourage and support youth peace building initiatives.

We want to talk about the role of Young people in reconciliation process, peace building and implementation of human rights as grass-root democratic standard.

Defining Human Rights as keys for improving minorities protection, mutual understanding, respect, tolerance, solidarity and acceptance of diversity which should be recognized, appreciated and assumed to be beneficial to the society.

We will evaluate current gender situation in the region and compare it to the western Europe countries achievement seeking the best methods of involving youth in improving Gender issues in the Caucasus.

We will work on developing practical support tools that will improve cooperation between youth in the region, and mobilize Caucasus Young Greens for creation of the Network and coordination of joint actions, development of common ideas on solving common problems.

This seminar will help knowledge and information flow so that young people could be better acquainted with the position of these issues in different countries in Europe and also to draw some general conclusions on them. This gathered information, knowledge and connection among participants of the Project should bring closer European youth and encourage them to participate more in dealing with each of these issues further on, more thoroughly.

This seminar will evaluate and find the best ways of improving and supporting cooperation and dialog between youth from Easter and Western parts of Europe.

Methodology and planning: 

The seminar is conceptualized as the combination of lectures, workshop, panel debates, educational role-play games and other different program elements, as well as the youth participation promoting street action. 

The lectures will be provided by experts from both Eastern and Western Europe having long experience dealing with active participation of young people and holistic view concerning environmental, social and economic issues of societies. At the workshops we will focus on personal experiences and interactive learning while in the action we will put into practice what we learned.

The purpose of the meeting in CDN's short and long-term programme:

For CDN this event is great opportunity to further spread to the East and involve more young people from post Soviet countries into our work and generally into activities of international organizations.It is one of our prior aims to be the bridge for communication,education and understanding between young people all over Europe and with this event we are coming one step closer to realization of this task. 

Implementation of this event in Georgia will help the integration of Green Youth from whole region to a big green European Family.The project will also strengthen diversity of the European Green Movement and successfully transmit green values to Caucasus.

With the camp we would like to reduce cultural gap between activist of our organization by giving them informal education,democracy training and possibility to cooperate and build connections to the future.  

Participants application form is sent together with this call and also can be downloaded at our web site. To repeat: DEADLINE for submitting the application (filled in applications form attached to the call) to office@cdnee.org is 1st of June 2009 at 24.00 CET.

With Best regards,

CDN Office

Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe

Address: Dr. Dragoslava Popovica 22, 11000 Beograd, Serbia

Tel/Fax: + 381 11 324 666 8, Mob: + 381 63 7740238

E mail: office@cdnee.org, Web: www.cdnee.org

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