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Business Summer School (BSS)
The Business Summer School (BSS) is an academic program for learning in an international context, and a forum for developing intercultural understanding. During two weeks of stay in Sibiu, the European Capital of Culture in 2007, both Romanian and foreign students will participate in debates, workshops and seminars. The academic and the practical approaches are combined in order to fully cover the learning span of the subject. Moreover, the Business Summer School is using the case study teaching method developed by Harvard Business School.
Every summer, 40 motivated senior students and young professionals from Romania and abroad discuss about investing in emerging markets with top academics and business professionals from all over the world.

The theme of the Business Summer School is: “Investing in emerging markets under global economic crisis”

Lecturers will focus on the current financial and economic crisis and will address its effects on the world economy. We invite you to take part in a program that will influence the way you look upon the world.

Teaching method

The uniqueness of BSS in Romania is given by the teaching methodology used - case study based - using relevant case studiespublished by Harvard Business Review and partner companies.

Top speakers

Among the confirmed speakers for BSS 2009 you can find:

Andrei Hagiu and Peter Coles - Harvard Business School
Keyu Jin - London School of Economics
Titus Bocseri - Columbia Business School and Vicepresident HSBC New York,
Peter McCarthy, Vicepresident JP Morgan Securities, New York
Manuel Costescu, Engagement Manager McKinsey and Company, New York
Bogdan Ciobotaru, Vicepresident Morgan Stanley, London
Dana Denis-Smith, Managing Director Marker Global,London
Petru Vaduva, CEO Tiriac Holding
Adrian Mitroi, CFA Romania
Dan Schwartz, Managing Director Scot & Company Consulting

Make new friends

Discussing the global economic crisis over dinner, studying for the final exam with your colleagues, and playing soccer or bowling are only a few of the ways you will get to know other students. They come from all over the world.


Have a question? Our online details about academics and program dates, application to the program, tuition fee, courses, activities, and more is available on our website: www.businessschool.ro


But if you don’t find the information you are looking for here, please feel free to contact us at office@businessschool.ro.


You can apply to the BSS online. Admission decisions are made on a rolling basis and students are advised to apply as early as possible

Deadline: 2009/07/15 www.businessschool.ro


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