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TOOL FAIR 4th Edition
Young people, youth workers, youth leaders, youth trainers... you are active in youth field, you have a tool of high quality experienced within a youth project and you want to SHARE your experience with others? The Tool Fair is the event you have to be in!
Portugal, 10-15 November 2009
The Tool Fair is a "showroom" for the huge variety and richness of tools developed and used under the YOUTH IN ACTION programme, a place to experiment with methods and exercises used within the different actions (youth exchanges, EVS, youth initiatives, training) and based on different themes (cultural diversity, inclusion, cooperation with partner countries, etc...).

What is meant by "tool"?
A tool is any educational means, process or materials which can be used to support trainers, youth workers or young people themselves to better achieve the aims or goals of their activities.
It can be "touchable", "showable", like a video, a booklet, a report, a board game, etc.
It can be experienced, like a simulation game, a creative workshop, a quiz, a role play or any outdoor activities, etc.

You want to know more about this huge event? Have a look to the past editions and join us!

Past editions
2006- 1st edition in Paris (Injep-France): Tool Fair 2006 report http://www.salto-youth.net/download/1316/
2007 - 2nd edition in Antalya (Turkey): Tool Fair 2007 report http://www.salto-youth.net/download/1578
2008 - 3rd edition in Canary Islands (Spain): Tool Fair 2008 report http://www.salto-youth.net/toolfair2008report/
This event is co-organised by the Portuguese National Agency http://www.juventude.pt/ for the Youth in Action programme, and all Salto Resource Centres network.


to gather and to valorise tools created and implemented within the framework of youth work in general and Youth in Action programme more specifically
To test tools,
to share and create a "common memory".
Target group

Participants should:

be active in the youth field in general and more specifically within the Youth in Action Programme (young people, youth workers, youth leaders, trainers, NA representatives,...)
have created a "tool" and experienced it within a YOUTH project;
be ready to share it with others during the fair ;
To get more inspiration and read examples, have a look on the Salto Tool Box! http://www.salto-youth.net/toolbox/

Venue place and dates
5 days, to share your experience!
10-15 November 2009

Recruitment procedure
Group size: around 100 participants are expected from Program and Regional Partner countries)

Apply on line to the first phase http://www.salto-youth.net/mySALTO/login/?pfad=/applicationonline/274.html
You have to fill in the application on-line. Only the application forms submitted and correctly filled-in will be taken into account.
Programme countries: pre-selection through sending National Agencies for the YiA programme
Regional Partner countries: Salto-Youth EuroMed with support of EuroMed Youth Units, Salto EECA and Salto SEE for thir own region.
Information from coordinator
The coordinator of the training course will contact you when the selection will be done. You will be invited to connect to the e-learning community platform to be informed on practicalities and programme. You will have to manage your travel and your visa on your own.
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