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Higher education and beyond - Conference
The Department of Sociology of Education, University of Berne and the Department of Sociology, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (Switzerland) are holding an international conference in co-operation with the Centro Stefano Franscini (CSF).
Theme: This conference will focus on both the access to and the benefits of higher education for individuals and societies from a comparative perspective. Different higher education systems will be compared in terms of opportunities for access to higher education and its credentials.
The conference is intended to identify ways to increase the number of university graduates and to take advantage of hitherto unused skill resources. It will also be aimed at the disclosure of policy measures to decrease educational inequalities in access to higher education. Another issue is the analysis of the consequences of political reforms of the higher education system on educational credentials (income, unemployment, etc.) from an economic and sociological perspective.
The conference will focus particularly on the social mechanisms behind educational inequalities, the diversion of lower class students from university and differences in educational credentials. The main objectives of the conference are therefore linked to both sociological theory and social policy.

The conference will centre around three key issues to be addressed through proposed contributions:
(1) Inequalities regarding access to higher education.
(2) Credentials of higher education.
(3) Higher education and the economy.
(4) Methods of analysis of educational transitions/ selection problems.

Invited Speakers: Martin Abraham, Erszebet Bukodi, John Goldthorpe, Thomas Meyer, Walter Mueller, Heike Solga, Stefan Wolter.

Format: The conference will take place over one week (Sunday evening to Friday noon). Participant numbers are not intended to exceed 60. All papers will be presented in plenary sessions. On Wednesday there will be an excursion around Lago Maggiore.

Contributions: We invite social scientists to contribute to the conference with a plenary presentation about 20 to 25 minutes long. Papers should focus on one of the outlined topics regarding entrance to higher education and educational credentials. We would particularly like to invite papers that are based on longitudinal data (i.e. panel data or cumulated data) or contain cohort analyses. We would like to highlight the international character of this conference, and emphasise that papers from all over the world or cross-cultural comparisons are very welcome.

Papers: Participants should apply for the conference by submitting their papers. Your paper should cover key questions, theoretical issues, methods and some results. Please provide the following information for the author(s) who will attend the conference: family name, first name(s), email address, telephone and fax numbers (including country and area dialling codes), postal address (including postcode and country) and title/post/appointment. Please also indicate if the author is a PhD or postgraduate student.

The Deadline for handing in papers is 31 January 2010. You will be informed whether your paper has been accepted or not by 28 February 2010.

Grants and Subsidies: All participants will receive a subsidy of CHF 50 per night for conference accommodation at the Hotel Monte Verita. There will also be subsidies for travel expenses for all participants as well as grants for doctoral candidates. Please note that eligibility for financial support depends on attendance at the entire conference from Sunday night to Friday noon.

Venue: The conference will take place at the Monte Verita Conference Centre close to Lago Maggiore in Switzerland. All participants are invited to stay at the Hotel Monte Verita.
To guarantee your place we advise you to book flights and accommodation early.

-- Rolf Becker (University of Berne)
-- Andreas Diekmann (ETH Zurich)
-- Andreas Hadjar (University of Berne) 
-- Ben Jann (ETH Zurich)

Please send your papers, with an estimate of travel expenses, to Andreas Hadjar, who will be happy to answer your questions.
Email: andreas.hadjar@edu.unibe.ch
Dr Andreas Hadjar, Department of Sociology of Education, University of Berne, Muesmattstrasse 27, CH-3012 Berne, Switzerland.

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