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Training course "Unity In Diversity"

The course is designed to give participants the opportunity to experience and reflect upon activities and concepts central to human rights education based on experiential learning approaches. The working methods of the course will facilitate the exchange of information and will provide training for the development of new competences.

The projects and experiences of the participants will serve as a basis for reflection and discussion of good practice. The course is also designed as a mutual learning situation, where participants can compare their approaches to training and to human rights education across Europe in a dialogical intercultural approach and environment.

Why this Training Course?

Azerbaijan Volunteers? Public Union is committed to supporting the work of the Council of Europe, Directorate of Youth & Sports Programme. Azerbaijan Volunteers? Public Union will be organising a Training Course, in Baku during 23rd ? 30th April 2008 which will bring together 30 youth leaders and workers active at community and local level from 10 European countries.
The main theme of the TC will be as following ?the respect of others' rights is respect of my rights?. Participants will also requested more information on specific articles of the conventions, expressing a growing interest in international human rights treaties. Activities will be focused on human rights education. TC will be non-formal, on issues linked with development of basic human rights sensitization campaigns for youth leaders.

Main themes:

- Human rights, duties and responsibilities of citizens
- National and international human rights instruments
- Racial discrimination and minority rights
- Women's rights and gender issues
- Promotion of a culture of peace and coexistence among different youth groups
- Causes of conflict, culture of peace and non violence
- Tolerance, unity, justice and truthfulness.

Objectives of the Training Course

- To help young participants learn about the ideas, concepts and strategies of human rights through engaging in meaningful dialogue, promoting critical analysis, encouraging self-reflection and fostering action.
- To create, inspire and nurture both new and existing youth-led activities aimed at promoting and protecting human rights.
- To associate the participants and their organizations with the priorities of the Directorate of Youth and Sport of the Council of Europe related to human rights education
- To improve human rights respect in practical ways, relevant to young people?s specific conditions.
- To know human rights as a guide line for their participation in decision making,
- To develop actions that will demand that democracy becomes a delivery system of human rights,
- To enable participants to develop activities and programmes for training trainers and multipliers in human rights education at national level;
- To facilitate the exchange and the sharing of experiences in the field of human rights training and education;

Methodology of the Training Course

A diversity of working methods will be used for learning about human rights and the approaches proposed in COMPASS.

Project Activities:

- Organizing human rights workshops and training courses for young people, Youth Workers from different country youth organizations.
- An introduction to the approaches and structure of COMPASS, the manual on human rights education with young people;
- An introduction to the key instruments and activities of the Council of Europe in the field of human rights and human rights education;
- Opportunities to share experiences and challenges of developing human rights education in formal and in non-formal education settings;
- Opportunities to experiment with and to evaluate different methods and activities found in COMPASS.
- Providing participants with relevant information concerning ?All Different-All Equal? campaign and to observe, discuss, question and analyze the goals and objectives of the campaign.

Profile of Participants

The Training Course will bring together 30 participants from a variety of backgrounds: minority youth leaders and those working with minorities as well as NGO representatives, especially from Minorities of Europe and other minority organisations. The requirements for participation are:

- Working with minority youth and disadvantaged young people,
- Active at the local, regional and national level,
- Actively involved in or supporting work with minority youth,
- Aged between 18 and 30 (exceptions could be made based on justification) . There will be 30 participants coming from the ten participation countries (Azerbaijan, Romania, Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Turkey).We are expecting four local participants from Azerbaijan and three from each other countries.
- Well informed about their organization and be prepared to represent its activities to the participants of this meeting;
- Act as a multiplies once back home;
- Available for full duration of the Training Course
- Be committed fully to attend the course and be supported by their youth organization
- Level of commitment for follow up of project implementation,

Working languages

English is working language of the meeting.

Participating countries:
Azerbaijan, Romania, Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Turkey

Practical Information

Accommodation: Board and lodging will be provided by Azerbaijan Volunteers? Public Union for the whole duration of the meeting in Azerbaijan .

Insurance: Participants are asked to have their own insurance for the duration of the seminar for accident, civil liability or illness. The organizers do not cover insurance costs.

Baku, Azerbaijan
Exact location will be shared with acceptance and invitation letters.

Arrival day will be Friday ? 23 April 2008
Departure day will be Friday ? 30 April 2008

Financial Information

Travel reimbursement
Travel costs of all participants will be reimbursed at 70% based on the original tickets, invoices and all travel related tickets. The 70% of reimbursement should not exceed:

350 Euros for Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Romania
280 Euros for Turkey, Moldova
220 Euros for Russia and Ukraine
40 Euros for Georgia

There is no reimbursement for the local participants coming from different regions of Azerbaijan. Visa costs of foreign participants will be fully reimbursed by the hosted organization based on the original invoices that you get in the border of Baku airport.

Due to a low budget for transport, we encourage participants that come from a range of 1000 km to use bus or train as means of transport.

Before purchasing your tickets, please consult with the organizers upon the travel costs.

The meeting can take place when participants make an effort to contribute financially to their travel costs. Therefore, we kindly ask you to use any alternative possibilities of funding that can cover travel costs. Sometimes your sending organizations or structures would effort to cover the travel costs or you may identify small local grants to contribute for the travel cost. We would appreciate very much your help.

Application Procedure and Selection of Participants
All those interested in attending must return the application form to the team by e-mail latest by 25th March 2008.

The preparatory team will select 30 participants on the basis of the profile outlined above and ensuring a balanced group (gender, geographical regions, different types of experiences, cultural backgrounds and organisations) . The participant selection process will be based on a detailed questionnaire and recommendation letters from sending organisations.

Please return the application form duly completed to the address below, if you require further information, please contact us at:

Contact details:
Azerbaijan Volunteers Public Union
Address: Yusif Mammadaliyev 21, apt 12/14, Az1005
Baku, Azerbaijan

Contact Persons:
Rzayev Sabuhi
Ilkin Haciyev
E-mail: ilkinhaciyev@ yahoo.com
Mobile Number: +994 50 610 16 30- Ilkin H.
+994 50 385 92 21-Sebuhi R.

E-mail: avpu_frs@yahoo.com

Source: http://caleidoscop.org.ro

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