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IAPSS Going Green: "Confronting Energy and Climate Change Policies"

This is the topic of the conference that will take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia from 26th to 30th May 2008. It is going to be a great possibility to discuss recent energy and climate change issues, to get to know students and professionals from the same field of interest and of course to get to know Ljubljana, the beautifull capital of Slovenia. The conference will include lectures, working group presentations, individual paper presentations, case study, a roundtable and a short video competition. To get more information about the topics that will be discussed, please read the attached file“IAPSS Going Green”.

To participate in this conference you have to fill out the Application form attached to this E-mail and send it to environment@iapss.org until 30th of April.

During this conference the accommodation, transport inside the city and meals will be covered by IAPSS. For the time being we cannot tell if there is going to be any travel reimbursement for the participants, but the Executive Committee of IAPSS is working hard on gathering sufficient means for this purpose.
The participation fee for this conference will be 80 €, reduced by up tu 30 € for active involvement. You can find more about this in the Application form.

With this e-mail we are also calling for active participation prior to the conference. We think that this will contribute to a high level discussion and on the whole to a more vivid event.

If you are interested in preparing a paper and presenting it on one of the given topics please write an E-mail to environment@iapss.org.

If you are interested in joining one of the working groups please follow this link http://iapss.org/WG/WG_Environment_2.pdf.

If you are interested in preparing a short movie on the topic of climate change please follow this link:

The IAPSS Executive Committee hopes to see you in May in Ljubljana.

Source: http://freestudiesabroad.blogspot.com


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