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Model European Union 2008

Have you ever planned to become a decision maker of the EU institutions? Did you ever want to experience the life of EU officials in Brussels or Strasbourg?
We made it possible!
Join Model European Union 2008 which is expected to be the most challenging simulation of the European Union (EU) that one has ever experienced. This large scale conference that will bring together 150 young Europeans in the European Parliament – Strasbourg, France.

During the last week of May, you will have the outstanding opportunity to practically get familiar with the EU at the centre of European politics.
MEU 2008 is much more than just a non-formal learning process focused on the European Union, it's an opportunity which provides you with the possibility to train and improve your negotiation strategies, as well as to upgrade your English language skills in a demanding environment. Moreover, you will experience the truely European multicultural atmosphere, having the occasion to meet fellows from 27 countries.

Participants will play roles of ministers of EU member states - assuming the role of national government’s official in EU’s Council of Ministers, and members of the European Parliament - belonging to various fractions, representing different countries. They will debate current issues on the European agenda, such as environment and health.
Other participants will play the roles of lobbyists, trying to strategically influence the politicians.

What about the media coverage? Don't worry, we planned that as well!
The whole process is monitored by a team of journalists, who will publish several newspapers a day in which they inform about the development of the official debates as well as about the private night life of politicians. . .
Fun is guaranteed!

Deadline for applications: 14th of April 2008
Dates of MEU: 25.05. until 31.05.2008

Venue: European Parliament – Strasbourg, France
Eligible participants: 150 students between 18 and 26 years old from all over Europe

Participation fee: 75 € for EU and 55 € for non-EU citizens (including accomodation, 3 meals, logistics and materials)
No travel reimbursement

for details, we invite you to visit www.meu2008.org
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