Головна » 2008 » Травень » 20 » Канадський фонд підтримки місцевих ініціатив оголошує конкурс пропозицій проектів: термін надання пропозиції 23 травня 2008 р.
Канадський фонд підтримки місцевих ініціатив оголошує конкурс пропозицій проектів: термін надання пропозиції 23 травня 2008 р.

Нижче подана інформація про конкурс пропозицій проектів Кандського фонду підтримки місцевих ініціатив.
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I would like to take this opportunity to inform you of a call for Proposals launched by the Canadian Embassy/CIDA. All of the information on proposal guidelines is attached and is also available on our Embassy website at: http://www.dfait-maeci.gc.ca/canada-europa/ukraine/menu-en.asp

I hope that you will share this information with organizations that might be interested in applying for grant funding. Please note the deadline is next Friday May 23rd , and that within the overall Governance priorities, there are specific priorities (trans-boundary issues, minorities, other vulnerable groups; and environmental sustainability) that are being focused on in this call.

Канадський фонд підтримки місцевих ініціатив оголошує конкурс пропозицій, які будуть впроваджені в Україні в 2008 -2009 р.р. Крайній термін надання пропозицій 23 травня 2008 року. Запити необхідно надсилати за адресою canadafund.kyiv@international.gc.ca.

The Canada Fund for Local Initiatives is pleased to announce its 2008-09 program and to launch the second call for proposals. Deadline for submissions is May 23, 2008. The guidelines are attached and inquiries may be directed to canadafund.kyiv@international.gc.ca.

Canada Fund will focus its 2008-09 efforts on a limited number of thematic issues and is inviting eligible Ukrainian local community groups and organizations to develop project proposals and to submit an application for funding to carry out activities that relate to one or more of the following priorities:

Trans-boundary issues, minorities and other vulnerable groups

Encourage cooperation of local governments, the linking of local communities and/or the networking of civil society organizations of Ukraine and neighboring countries
Support the efforts of civil society organizations that deal with refugees and migrants, particularly within a trans-boundary context
Support the sharing of best practices between Ukraine and neighboring countries with respect to the consideration of the most vulnerable groups in society in resource allocation and service delivery
Support initiatives that will address race relations, equality rights and non-discrimination initiatives that remove barriers and promote the full participation of the most vulnerable groups in society
Environmental sustainability

Support small-scale replicable demonstration projects that promote sustainable environmental practices and improve environmental conditions in the regions
Support public awareness of and access to information on environmental issues, and citizens’ involvement in addressing local environmental issues
Support improved local (publicly debated) decision-making, accountability and transparency of local government on developing and overseeing the implementation of the local environmental action plans
Strengthen the efforts of civil society organizations which play critical advocacy and accountability functions with respect to environmental sustainability, including civil society engagement with public sector institutions

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