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Davis Center Research Programs

The Davis Center supports both individual research and targeted research programs on Russia and the nations and countries that surround it. Individual researchers work on their own projects while enjoying a collegial atmosphere for scholarly exchange and discussion. Targeted research programs build resources and expand scholarship related to a particular topic or area.

Graduate students may apply for research travel grants.

Undergraduate students may apply for Goldman research travel grants.

There are currently two targeted research programs at the Davis Center.

The Program on Central Asia and the Caucasus seeks to build networks of scholars and to expand Harvard course offerings and other resources for study of the region. Contact: centasia@fas.harvard.edu

Mark Kramer directs the Project on Cold War Studies. Its goal is to take full advantage of newly-released archival material to improve our understanding of the Cold War. Contact: Cristina Plamadeala, 617.495.1909, jcws@fas.harvard.edu

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