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Тренінг із міжкультурної комунікації (Болгарія)

To explore and develop intercultural communication skills and knowledge, leading to intercultural dialogue in action SALTO National Agency organizes on 22-28 September 2008 a Training course in Intercultural Communication for youth leaders and youth workers from the countries of South-East Europe, Eastern Europe and Caucuses.

The event will take place in Bulgaria.

• To raise awareness on how culture affects communication
• To improve understanding of the balance between culture and language ability to ensure effective communication
• To look at language and jargon, especially in youth project applications
Develop communication strategies and guidelines to develop confidence in communicating interculturally
• TO provide an insight into the similarities and differences of communicating - through language, behaviour etc.
• To be developed further by the trainers team

The course will be built up around the European Key Competences and participants will receive a Youth Pass at the end of the training course.

Programme Elements
• Effective and sensitive communication in an intercultural environment - what does that mean?
• The power and impact of words, including jargon and sub cultural vocabulary
• Learning from the diversity of the local environments where the programme will be held
• Getting to know each other's reality and the youth work done in different countries and contexts - exchange of good practices
• leading to more concrete action plans ~ using the YiA Programme for various scale projects, and exploring ways of cooperation between stakeholders.

Deadline: 20 July 2008

Details at http://www.salto-youth.net/find-a-training/1305.html

Джерело: Форум молодих лідерів України

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