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Тренінг «Image Building for Inclusion Groups 2008» (Угорщина)

The SALTO Inclusion Resource Centre organises this «TC Image Building for Inclusion Groups 2008» in co-operation with the Hungarian National Agency of the Youth in Action programme.

This course (5 working days +1 arrival day +1 departure day) will take place from 6 to 12 October 2008 in the European Youth Centre Budapest, Hungary

The SALTO TC Image aims to to train youth workers to use (inter)national (Youth in Action) youth projects to build a positive image for the groups of "young people with fewer opportunities" they are working with. 

In order to reach this aim, SALTO Inclusion put forward the following provisional objectives for its TC Image (under construction):
• bring together youth workers that are working with young people with fewer opportunities, to give them an opportunity to exchange about their working practices,
• inventorise the 'not so good' images that different inclusion groups have in different countries, and analyse the possible reasons for this (e.g. homework, collect concrete situations/media clippings, etc)
• analyze how stereotypes & prejudice function (input about existing experiments regarding changing stereotypes and positive imagebuilding) and apply it to 'young people with fewer opportunities' (Best/Worst practices from participants regarding imagebuilding)
• make the links between these experiments and (inter)national youth (in Action) projects: what can be used of an international project to change people's opinions/attitudes/ideas
• how to get your youth projects positively into the media ~ visibility & dissemination & exploitation of the project
• leading to more concrete action plans ~ how to set up a campaign/promo actions/influence people's opinions and images of others
• to be further developed by the trainers' team

Target Group
There will be places for 25 participants on the SALTO TC Image, selected according to the criteria below:
• directly working with young people with fewer opportunities - this can be anybody working with young people, volunteer or paid, professionals or peers, working in big youth organizations/structures or with informal groups...
• having the interest and the possibility within their organization (green light from their hierarchy/colleagues!) to set up European projects and cooperation activities after the course to improve the image of the groups they are working with.
• having a good working knowledge of (international :-) English, the working language of the course
• available to actively attend the full duration of the course
• willing to participate into a follow-up questionnaire 3-6 months after the training course

NOTE: young people with fewer opportunities = those that are at disadvantage compared to their peers because of social or economic problems, low education level, discrimination or exclusion, disability, geographical disadvantage etc.

Deadline for applications for participants is 1 Аugust 2008.

Working Language: English

Details at http://www.salto-youth.net/InclusionTraining/

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