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AES Scholarship USA

Scholarship / Financial aid: Amount of award offered: $500.00
Date: 2008/9 academical year
Deadline: September 15, 2008
Open to: international students
Purpose of Scholarships
AES Engineering is pleased to be able to continue offering scholarships to motivated students to help in the furthering of their education.

Scholarship Criteria
Our belief is that achieving a high grade point average should not be the only criteria for determining who deserves to be helped. For that reason we are offering a scholarship that will be awarded on the basis of character, as determined by evaluating the essays that are submitted.

Scholarships are intended for our future leaders across a wide spectrum of fields of study. This award is available to high school seniors and all students attending a post secondary educational facility.

You are not required to be taking Engineering courses to be eligible.

How to Apply
Students must submit an essay of no more than 1000 words in answer to one of the two questions below:

1. What do you consider to be the single most important problem that is facing society today? Why?
2. Why are you a good candidate to receive this award?

Amount of award: $500.00
Deadline for entry: September 15, 2008

Submit essay to: scholarships@aesengineers.com
There is no application packet for this award. Please do not include your resume at this time.
Be sure to include your full name as well as the name of the school you are attending in 2007/8 and your plans for 2008/9.

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