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Master in International Studies (MIS)

The Department offers two degrees—a two-year Master of International Studies (MIS) in International History and Politics, and a four-year Ph. D. Both degrees involve writing a research dissertation. Their aim is to prepare students for challenging roles in government, and non-government, media, corporate, higher education and other organizations.

The Department of International History and Politics (IHP)
Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (IHEID), Geneva

Invites application to its 2-year Master in International Studies (MIS) commencing September 2009

The Department of International History and Politics specializes in teaching and researching the historical evolution of contemporary global structures and relationships. The combination of an internationally renowned teaching staff, a highly selective and cosmopolitan student body, and the availability of unique intellectual and cultural resources makes studying here a truly rewarding experience.

Besides a reputed faculty with varied interests, the section welcomes each year a distinguished array of visiting professors from around the world. Most of the classes are in the form of small participative seminars and marked by a collegial atmosphere of debate and discussion. IHEID is a bilingual institute in English and French. MIS students are expected to have certified competence in one language and passive knowledge of the other.

MIS courses emphasize the role and relevance of historical knowledge for interpreting contemporary issues and developments. Multidisciplinarity is a well-established part of the IHEID’s academic tradition, and MIS students in International History and Politics may opt to pursue courses in one or more of the following complementary disciplines: international law, political science, international economics and development studies. By the end of the two-year program, MIS students would have acquired the tools, competences and awareness allowing them to engage in academic research or in professional careers in international organizations, governments, media, multinational businesses, NGOs, etc.

MIS students may also have the chance to participate in exchange programs with partner Universities worldwide such as the Elliott School of International Affairs (George Washington University), the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (Yale University), Sciences Po (Paris), the Graduate School of International Studies (Seoul National University), the Lee Kuan Yew School of International Public Policy (Singapore National University), etc.

Admission to the program is open by rigorous selection to promising students having Bachelor degrees/majors from recognized institutions worldwide, in History, Politics (including political science), International Relations, and other related humanities and social science disciplines. Candidates with some experience of independent research are strongly encouraged to apply. Scholarships are available to meritorious and needy students.

The deadline for application is 31 January 2009.

For more information about the programme and details of application procedures please visit our web site http://www.graduateinstitute.ch/corporate/admissions_en.html, or contact the Admission Office at P.O.Box 136, 1211 Geneva 21. E-mail inquiries may be addressed to the Institute at prospective@graduateinstitute.ch or the Department’s Assistant irina.angelescu@graduateinstitute.ch

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