Головна » 2008 » Грудень » 6 » Організація з Боснії і Герцеговини шукає партнерів для Тренінгового Курсу
Організація з Боснії і Герцеговини шукає партнерів для Тренінгового Курсу
We, NGO Dinara Forum from Kljuc, Bosnia-Herzegovina will apply for the following TRAINING COURSE: "EUROPE ON AIR"
Methods for European Citizenship Education and Innovation in Youth Participation

European Citizenship is one of the main topics in the YOUTH IN ACTION program of the European Union. Nevertheless there is a lack of concrete material, methodical hints and practical guidance for youth workers dealing with the issue. The aim of the TC is to bring together trainers, youth workers and interested young people to discuss the meaning of European Citizenship, possible ways to break the issue down for the practice in international youth work and to come up with creative ideas and support for practitioners in the international youth field.

The main questions to deal with are:
- How can the concept of European Citizenship be transferred into practice?
- How can we make sense of the concept during international youth projects and in our everyday work with young people?

Venue: Kljuc, Bosnia-Herzegovina
Dates: Summer 2009

Partners: Programme countries from EU and neighbouring partner countries from South Eastern Europe.

In case you are interested to support the action, please fill the attached part III and send it together with information on travel costs for one person from hometown to Kljuc and back by FAX or Email (pdf, picture etc) and furthermore immediately by postmail to:

Dinara Forum
Emil Bender
Kulina bana b.b.
79280 Kljuc
E-Mail: dinaraforum@yahoo.com
Tel: +387 37 660067
Fax: +387 37 660068
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