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Шукаємо партнерів
My organisation is looking for partnergroups and organisations for the programm Youth in Action 3.1 (Youth exchange). We are the host organisation and the partners could send youngsters between 13-17 to Hungary to our summercamp.
The venue of the exchange: Kecskemйt, Hungary (the dormitory of the GAMF, i.e. the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Automation of Kecskemйt College)
The age group of the participants: 13-17
Number of participants: 10 participants with two group leaders from each country
Date: July 5. 2009. - July 18.2009.

The aim of the exchange is to provide the participants with the possibility to meet with and learn about other cultures. Cultural awareness and learning will take place both in a structured/direct and in a spontaneous/indirect way. On the one hand there will be workshops
and discussions that aim at focusing on intercultural dialogues, raising cultural awareness, broadening the participants' horizons. On the other hand, the two project works will also indirectly lead to similar ends as the participants work with their peer with different cultural
background, will have to cope with cultural differences in order to achieve the common goal (making the film and creating the "end-product" of the project work).
Enclosed the programmplan.

If you are interested, please write me
Best regards:

Szilvia Gйmes

People Team Foundation


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