Головна » 2009 » Квітень » 30 » Двадцятиліття поразки комунізму - культурна політика в Центральній Європі
Двадцятиліття поразки комунізму - культурна політика в Центральній Європі
The summer session is aimed at providing participants with a wider perspective on changing cultural policy in European countries; working out a comparative study of the cultural policy trends and challenges in the countries represented by the participants in the programme; exchanging views on the culture in both post-communist Europe and “old” EU member states. The programme will be run in the form of lectures, seminar meetings and workshops.

Target group:

Advanced students, young scholars, young cultural administrators, NGOs and other candidates active in the field of cultural management from Eastern and Western European countries.

Cost: € 1.000,- (scholarships can be applied for, see application form for details)

Issues to be covered:

· some history: Europe around 1989 and the following changes

· definitions, models and instruments of cultural policy

· examples of cultural policy development in Eastern and Western European countries (comparative approach: legislation, funding, problem of decentralization and desetatization)

· international organizations and culture: the Council of Europe and its former and current priorities, UNESCO, cultural policy of the EU

· culture in the market economy/ civil society and cultural policy/ international cultural cooperation / cultural industries / contemporary art

· national cultural policies and European perspectives

· mass media: shift from traditional tools to new technologies


Application letter including the applicant's full name, date of birth, gender, nationality, address, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail address, educational background, degrees received and current affiliation;
Evidence of substantial English language skills (certificate of proficiency or statement by an English speaking faculty member);
Essay of about 600 words on development of culture & cultural policy in your home country.



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