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Conference "Information Society and Globalisation: Transformation of Politics"

10th International Conference "Information Society and Globalisation: Transformation of Politics" Organised by: Political Science Research Centre  (PSRC), Zagreb, Croatia and Scienific Forum, Zagreb, Croatia - October 22-23, 2010 University of Dubrovnik, Croatia

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Research Network on International Governance Globalization and the Transformations of the State

Political Science Research Centre (PSRC) and Scientific Forum are organizing the 10th International Conference as a part of the PSRC Forum as a Global Scientific Network. Political Science Research Centre is the only specialised private research centre for globalisation in Croatia. Scientific Forum is a nongovernmental organization dedicated to the promotion of social sciences and humanities. The idea of this project is to create a global scientific network in the field of social sciences, which will actively contribute to the production of new knowledge and understandings using contemporary information technologies. The network consists of scientists from all over the world which are members of the PSRC Forum.

More details about the PSRC Forum may be found here http://www.cpi.hr/index.php?menu=8

The main objective of the 10th International Conference of PSRC Forum Information Society and Globalisation: Transformation of Politics is to provide insights into global changes brought by the development of information and communication technologies, with a particular focus on their impact on the political sphere. By enabling a multidisciplinary discussion, this conference aims at a broad scientific insight of these phenomena.

List of specific topics as a guideline for paper theses and discussions

I. Technology, Society and History

1. Technology and Social Transformation

2. New Technologies and Transition of Industrial Societies

3. ICT and the Network Society

4. ICT and the Knowledge Society

5. ICT and Globalisation

6. Time and Space in the Context of ICT and Globalisation

II. ICT and Media

1. ICT and Media: New Models of Communication

2. New Media and Democratisation

3. New Media and Political Communication

III. Information Society and Politics

1. ICT and Transformation of Politics

2. E-government

3. Transformation of Public Administration

4. Elections

5. Political Parties

6. Social Movements and Civil Society

7. ICT and Globalisation of Politics

Please note that these are the main topics which are going to be discussed during the conference. Nevertheless, we will also accept all other papers related to the main subject of the conference.


The Conference will be held at the University of Dubrovnik, in Dubrovnik, Croatia.


The Conference will begin on Friday, October 22nd approximately at 10 AM, and end on Saturday, October 23rd approximately at 3 PM. The organisers will provide a detailed schedule in due time.

Paper proposals

The application form and paper proposal form are attached to the Call for Papers. Proposals should be sent by e-mail to lana.kosovac@ cpi.hr. All proposals and papers should be written in English.

Accomodation and travel costs

There is a limited fund for covering travel and accommodation costs for participants, so we encourage you to apply as soon as possible.

Conference papers

The Conference Papers will be published as a print version, as well as an electronic version on the web site www.cpi.hr


Working language of the Conference is English.

If audio-visual equipment (overhead projector, PowerPoint, VCR) is required, please indicate so in your application.

Deadline for submitting paper proposal and application form: June 30th 2010

Organisational board

Anðelko Milardoviæ, prof.dr.sc., Davor Paukoviæ, mr.sc., Davorka Vidoviæ, mr.sc., Nikolina Jo¾anc, Vi¹eslav Raos, Lana Kosovac, Erna Matanoviæ.

For any further information please contact:

Lana Kosovac

Political Science Research Centre

Scientific Forum

Zagreb, Croatia

Tel/Fax: +385 1 3863 113

E-mail: lana.kosovac@ cpi.hr


Vi¹eslav Raos
Centar za politolo¹ka istra¾ivanja/ Political Science Research Centre

Gupèeva 14a, 10090 Zagreb, Hrvatska/Croatia

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