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Art of Hosting Participative Leadership
Art of Hosting Participative Leadership
Scholarship / Financial aid: scholarships offered
Date: 25-28 June 2009
Deadline: Friday, 22 May 2009
Open to: students, NGO representatives and to all interested
The Art of Hosting Participative Leadership is:
• A training for all who aspire to learn how to be, work and co-create with people in more interactive, participative and effective ways.
• Essentially, an expression of an authentic way of being with others and situations as they emerge - and a practice of creating the conditions for collective intelligence to emerge.
• Built on the assumption and experience that we need to find new solutions for the common good, whether in corporations, government, education, non-profits, social
movements, communities, or families. The time is now.

Istanbul has been a home to many cultures throughout the history; it is where East meets West. This first Art of Hosting Participatory Leadership in Turkey will be an inquiry into the power and potential of diversity in co-creation. Come and bring your ideas and projects that you are working on to create new sustainable leadership – to share with others and learn how to strengthen them through the art of hosting participatory leadership.

Costs: Price includes training and materials
Corporate: 550 € + VAT,
NGO: 300 € + VAT,
Student/unemployed: 200 € + VAT

Scholarships: If the price is not affordable to you, let us know. We offer scholarship on the principle: pay what you can and a little more.

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