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Liberty Seminars 2009

Seminar 1: Liberty Camp --- is a week-long seminar that actively explores the historical, philosophical and economic foundations of a free society through engaging lectures, small group discussions, movie screenings, debates and presentations. In an intellectually stimulating environment, develop a deeper understanding of the challenges facing Europe today.

Explore and discuss a range of issues:

- the origin, meaning and theories of civil and economic rights;

- the rule of law and property rights in a free society;

- goverment's powers and its limitations, theories of justice;

- the nature of a liberal democracy;

- and ways of strengthening civil society.

College students or recent graduates from the Balkans and Central and Eastern Europe who are interested in the proper workings of a free society.

September 16-22, 2009.

Hostel pod Voglom, Lake Bohinj, Slovenia  http://www.hostel-podvoglom.com/


Seminar 2: Freedom and Transition

is a unique week-long seminar, dedicated to the advanced study of liberty in European transition countries. Debates and lectures will take you beyond the principles of classical liberal thought, while examining the breadth and depth of two decades of economic and political developments in post-socialist Central and Eastern Europe.

Join other intellectually corious individuals in applying classical liberal insights into the range of transition issues including:

- economic and political institutions;

- informal rules, the rule of law, and economic growth;

- governance and corruption;

- public sector transparency;

- public choice theory;

- markets and morality;

- crony capitalism;

- and failed vs. successful privatization.

Graduate students, junior scholars, young professionals and advanced undergraduate students from the Balkans and Central and Eastern Europe who are well versed in the principles of the free society and would like to spend an unforgettable week with other individuals who share same interests in freedom and how to advance the ideas of libery more effectively across the region.

September 21-27, 2009.

Hotel Jezero, Lake Bohinj, Slovenia http://www.bohinj.si/alpinum/jezero/hotel_jezero_en.html

Application deadline for both seminars is July 1, 2009!

Site Liberty Seminars http://www.libertarni-klub.net/events-eng.php

Джерело: http://unistudy.org.ua/events.htm?id=714

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