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Стажування в Представництві ЄК в Україні (Київ)
Представництво Європейської Комісії в Україні оголошує конкурс на стажування у Відділі преси та інформації.
 Це неоплачуване стажування на повний робочий день. Термін - щонайменше 3 місяці (з серпня 2009 р.). Резюме (англійською) надіслати до 25 липня на Irina.Stadniychuk@ec.europa.eu
Докладніше про стажування

* Glossary of Terms

Open : Still accepting applications

On-going : No more applications are being accepted. The application deadline has passed and applicants are being short-listed for final selection.

Finalised : Candidate has been selected


Terms and Conditions
The Delegation offers two opportunities a year for interns to be recruited for a minimum period of five months up to a maximum of six months. These periods are normally in January and July. In exceptional cases, an internship can be undertaken at a different time of year to that mentioned above or for a shorter period of time.

Traineeships are open to university students still in full-time education and university graduates. Please note, however, that:

Internships at the Delegation are not remunerated
The intern is responsible for covering all costs related to travel, visa and medical insurance.
The intern is also responsible for finding suitable accommodation and covering accommodation costs for the duration of the internship.
Internships normally take place at the EC Delegation based in Kiev, Ukraine. However, there are occasionally opportunities to do an internship at the Delegation’s TACIS branch office (TBO) in Minsk, Belarus.

These training periods involve work experience in one of the Delegation’s departments. It is difficult to give an exact description of the type of work given to trainees but it would normally be equivalent to that given to junior executive-grade officials e.g. compiling information and documentation, organising working groups, forums, public hearings and meetings, preparing reports and replying to queries, participation in team meetings, filing, photocopying, linguistic revision of texts, etc.


Who can apply:
EU nationals and citizens of Ukraine and Belarus are eligible to apply. Non-EU applicants should illustrate a strong motivation, as priority is given to EU nationals and those non-EU nationals from Ukraine and Belarus who are covered by the scope of the Delegation’s work.

All candidates should meet the following basic requirements:

You should be in full-time university education for a course leading to an undergraduate degree or postgraduate degree OR should have just completed your university studies.
As the principal working language of the Delegation is English, you must have an excellent knowledge of spoken and written English. An additional knowledge of French would be a plus. For non-Ukrainian applicants, knowledge of Russian and / or Ukrainian would be a strong asset.
You must have a valid visa if entering Ukraine from abroad.
You must show that you are covered by a medical insurance whilst in Ukraine.
You will preferably be under the age of 30. However, if there is a good reason, exceptions can be made to this age limit at the applicant’s request.
As the nature of the training programme is aimed at young graduates at the beginning of their career, this age limit should not be considered to be discriminatory.


How to apply:
A detailed curriculum vitae and a motivational letter explaining how the internship will contribute to the your professional development should be sent to the following email address:


or by postal mail to:

Delegation of the European Commission to Ukraine and Belarus

Vul. Kruhlo-universitetska 10

01024 Kyiv



Please note:

Applications should be received by 1 September for traineeships starting in January and by 1 April for traineeships starting in July.
Once you have submitted an application, you may check the status of the application process online. This will indicate when the process has been closed for a given traineeship period and a candidate has been selected.

Successful applicants will be required to submit the following:
Passport or identity card, stating your name, first name, date and place of birth, as well as your nationality. The spelling of the name, first name and the nationality must be the same as those declared in the application form.
Photocopy of the visa.
Attestation of a Health Insurance valid during the period of an internship.
An official degree certificate OR in the case of those who have not yet received an official degree certificate, a formal official statement from your university confirming your degree result is sufficient.
For ongoing studies, an official declaration from the relevant university must be submitted confirming registration for the course declared on the application form
A recommendation letter from the University (if the candidate is still studying).
Certificates and/or declarations for all work experience declared in the application.
To sign an agreement
To submit a report on their activities during the stage which will be countersigned by the Head of Section.
Please note that your application will also be sent to Brussels for final approval. Once selected, you will be required to provide certified copies of the aforementioned documents and, if necessary, certified translations. You will also be required to complete a standard form provided to you by the Delegation. If you do not produce all of the requested documents before the first day of the traineeship, your application will be invalidated.

Traineeships at the European Commission in Brussels:
The European Commission in Brussels offers two five-month periods of in-service training (stages) for young university graduates from the member states of the European Union and to a number of nationals from non-member countries. These training periods involve work experience in one of the Commission’s departments and run from 1 March and 1 October each year.

Because the Commission regularly receives more than 7,000 applications for each in-service training period in Brussels for the approximately 600 places available, it is important that you understand the recruitment procedures and that you follow them correctly. For more information about internship opportunities at the European Commission in Brussels, please consult the website: http://www.europa.eu

Джерело: http://eu.prostir.ua/probations/235919.html

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