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Проект "Письмо в бутылке" - тренинг-курс для мультиплаеров в области решения конфликтов

Надеемся, Вам будет интересна информация о том, что организация "СВИТ-Украина" совместно с Молодежным Правозащитным Движением приглашает принять участие в проекте "Письмо в бутылке" и стать участником тренинг-курса для мультиплаеров в области решения конфликтов.* *
*Семинар пройдет с 27 июля по 2 августа в Харькове (Украина).* К участию приглашаются молодые люди из России, Украины, Молдовы и Беларуси.
*Дедлайн - 19 августа!*
Адрес для заявок и вопросов: *info@svit-ukraine.org* <info@svit-ukraine.org>
*Знание английского - обязательно!*

*"Message in the bottle project" International multipliers on conflict

*And participants of preparation seminar for multipliers *

*(Kharkiv, Ukraine, 27.7 - 2.8.2009)*

The idea of the project was developed during EYF-funded PEACE seminar
(Ukraine, November 2009). Talking about war in Georgia, how it affected
relationship between countries in the region (Ukraine-Russia,
Russia-Georgia, Ukraine-Moldova, Moldova-Russia etc.), political situation
and confrontation-cooperation between countries, influence of media,
specifically from Russia, were the foundation of the idea and interest of
young people to transfer interpersonal learning which happened during the
seminar, to a broader audience. Following situation with 'gas war' between
Russia and Ukraine, and political developments in Moldova after the election
strengthened interest and motivation of activists and organizations to work
on these issues. The project is organized jointly by SCI, SVIT-Ukraine,
Youth Human Rights Movement, Youth Memorial Perm, with involvement of
EcoCenter Zapovedniks, Sodruzhestvo, AVI Moldova, SFERA Movement, and
financial support of European Youth Foundation.

*The project aims to*

   - Raise awareness of young people on different kinds of conflicts in the
   - Reflect in the context of the region on political, economic, cultural
   cooperation among the countries
   - Create network of organizations and multipliers, working on peace
   education issues
   - Develop interactive workshop sessions on peace education, with cases
   and objective background information from the region
   - Contribute to combating prejudices and stereotypes through fostering
   intercultural exchange and personal contacts, reflect about peace and
   situation in the region in intercultural context (both regional and
   - strengthen role and possibilities of youth NGOs and activists to combat
   racism and xenophobia, conflicts of ethnic background, and non-violent
   conflict resolution through improved regional cooperation and networking

*Topics addressed during the project include*: active and passive conflicts
in the region (war in Georgia, Transnistria, gas war in Ukraine etc), their
roots and reasons, influence/connection between culture and conflict
resolution process, working in conflict areas - what can be done, media,
national and international (role in the conflicts, objectivity of
information - identity - ethnic, national and cultural - in the context of
'the region'), cooperation-interaction-influence-intervention as types of
cooperation among countries, non-violence ideology and conflict resolution -
regional aspects, influence of culture on conflict resolution approaches.

*The project consists of 3 stages*:

   - seminar for multipliers
   - visiting workcamps
   - evaluation meeting

During the seminar participants will get introduction to the conflict
issues, training for trainers, and with help of trainer and prep-team will
develop sessions, which will at later stage be organized with workcamp
participants. *The seminar will take place in Kharkiv, from July
27**th**till August 2
**nd**, 2009.*

*Conditions and requirements towards participants*

Participants are expected to *actively contribute to the seminar
program*and be committed to participate to the whole program of the

During the seminar, participants will be divided in small teams of 2 people
and prepare sessions to be conducted in the workcamps. Each team is expected
to visit 3-4 international workcamps taking place in Ukraine and Russia.
Travel costs for multipliers to visit the workcamps will be fully covered;
food and accommodation will be provided as well.

The seminar will be organized in Russian (translation into English can be
provided, if needed). Multipliers should speak well English, in order to be
able to run sessions in international workcamps.

After visiting workcamps, teams are expected to provide brief reports
describing the sessions and their outcomes. In October or November
evaluation seminar will be organized for the multipliers (will be announced
separately). Multipliers will also get possibility to learn about Peace
Messenger Network of SCI and get involved in peace education activities with
broader international context.

*Financial conditions:*

All costs concerning meals and accommodation as well as the program and
materials will be fully covered for the whole duration of the seminar. The
participation fee is 10 Euro. Travel costs will be reimbursed 85%, using
most economic ways of travel, and under condition of having original tickets
and receipts provided.

*If you have any other suggestions for the program of the seminar, and
project in general, you are welcome to contribute to enriching it - the
message we put in the bottle is yours!*

Interested? Than go ahead and fill in the application form, which should be
sent to SVIT-Ukraine at *info@svit-ukraine.org* <info@svit-ukraine.org>before
*July 19**th**, 2009**.* You will be informed about the definite acceptance
(or refusal) of the applications as soon as possible after this deadline. For
more information and with possible questions please contact SVIT-Ukraine at
*info@svit-ukraine.org* <info@svit-ukraine.org>

*Looking forward to join "Message in the bottle"!*

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