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SOHO Training in English language

SOHO Training in English language Activity organised by SALTO National Agency
Summary International training for supervisors, mentors, and contact persons in the European Voluntary Service (EVS) – Action 2
Activity date 2009-11-18 - 2009-11-22
Activity type Training course
Target group Youth leaders, Youth workers
For participants from Bulgaria, France, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Spain, United Kingdom, Iceland, SOUTH-EAST EUROPE, EASTERN EUROPE AND CAUCASUS, Switzerland
Group size 30
Venue place, venue country France
Details The SOHO training supports voluntary as well as full-time youth workers dealing directly with young volunteers in Sending and Host Organisations as a mentor and having little or no experience in long-term volunteering but being at least in the process of starting an EVS project (Action 2).

This training will go deeper into subjects that are closely linked to EVS. It intends to contribute to an increase in quality of EVS projects. The main subjects of the training are:
- The role of a mentor in an EVS project.
- The intercultural dimension of an EVS project.
- Partnerships in EVS.

Aim and objectives:
The overall aim of the SOHO TC is:
- To increase the quality of EVS projects.
The specific objectives of the course are:
- To get a better understanding of the concept of EVS.
- To experience intercultural dimensions of an EVS project.
- To improve the ability for co-operation and working in an EVS partnership.
- To raise awareness of quality in EVS projects.
- To improve attitude, skills, and knowledge about the role/work of a mentor.
- To raise confidenced in organising EVS projects.
- To reflect on their role/work as a mentor.
- To exchange experience and ‘best practices’ with other participants.

The methodology used in this training is based on experiential learning and learning-by-doing. Work methods are dynamic, and the participants will be participating actively.

The network of National Agencies for "Youth in Action" organises a series of SOHOs each year. You'll find an overview on all the upcoming SOHOs at http://www.salto-youth.net/SOHO/ .
Costs need to be checked with the National Agency of your country
Working language English
Organizer The network of National Agencies and SALTO
Organizer's profile/framework of activity  
Deadline 2009-09-08
Date of selection 2009-09-18

Downloads Info pack for applicants http://www.salto-youth.net/static/downloads/training_downloads.php/2248/SOHO%20InfoPack_pax_2009-10.pdf

Джерело: http://unistudy.org.ua/events.htm?id=880

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