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RELATE Project for journalists
RELATE Project for journalists -- Research LAbs for TEaching Journalists is an EU-funded project that aims to bridge the gap between science and society.
Some 80 journalism students will have the chance to visit top research centres across Europe and then publish their findings.

If you fill in the application form http://relateproject.eu/form/ and you are selected:

-- You will be sent on a week-long visit with other students from across Europe, all expenses paid (up to 1000 euros, depending on location).
-- You will work as a journalist: attending press conferences, interviewing researchers or filming lab work, with a view to producing an article or video.
-- You will receive valuable advice on pitching your work to newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, etc.

Джерело: http://unistudy.org.ua/events.htm?page=1&id=861

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