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Training course 3.1 „Peace and Love” 10 – 17 January 2010, Baku, Azerbaijan

Aim of the Exchange: This project aims to point similarities and differences in the culture of ten nations. We want to present culture and relations among 10 countries.This project doesn’t give a promise only on culture side, also. It will influence on delivered our countries truth to the world public, to be tanned our cultures to the world countries, development of tourism and to solve other important problems. To support regional collaboration about  national heritage among the countries.To share our national heritages. 
•  Encouraging greater involvement by young people in shaping their national values.
• Informing, Influencing peace education policy, practice.
• Developing, exploring models of practice in peace education, learning
• This Training  will be involve chairmen of the NGOs and youth leaders, communities from all Europe countries and neighbouring countries.
    The main aim of the project is supporting the collection and sharing of robust evidence of the impact of peace  opportunities on young people, to show our heritage and toleranty, to assist the members of the human rights and minority NGOs, to know about our culture, young people in Europe and neighbouring countries in gaining knowledge of basic mechanisms and experiences of human and minority rights promotion; establishing contacts and networks, finding new partners, exchanging information, fundraising; and obtaining technical skills to get access to relevant information in the field with a specific emphasis on information technologies. The main theme of this training will be as following “let’s present our heritage and  respect of others’ territorial integrity '.

- To develop participants’ knowledge and competence in building new relationships between majorities/minorities within the population;
- To give the participants an opportunity to learn how to build a dialogue with minorities as active citizens;
- To familiarize the participants with the approaches of the manual of Human rights education and how to best use and adapt it to local context and realities;
- To address the complexity of working with minority issues in areas with a diversity of cultures;
- To create awareness about intercultural dialogue and developing communication and community development skills;
- To exchange experience in intercultural dialogue from an international perspective;
- To establish network of youth leaders on intercultural dialogue with young people;
- To promote Youth in Action programme as a tool for promoting intercultural dialogue
- To raise the awareness about the importance of the intercultural dialogue in the European level
- To support regional collaboration among the countries


The methodology will include communication based methods (interaction, dialogue, open discussions), activity based methods (sharing experience, practice and experimentation), socially focused methods (partnerships, teamwork, networking) and self directing methods (creativity, discovery, responsibility, action).
The overall character will be participative, pro active and interactive with a learner – centred educational approach, as recommended by Council of Europe for non formal education  in youth work.

Who can participate on the training course:

- Over 18 years old
- Actively involved in youth work
- Be highly motivated to actively participate in the whole training course and to contribute to the development of future projects
- Youth workers from Ukrain, Serbia, Romania, Germany, Russian Federation, Georgia, Israel and Greece directly working with young people
- Be able to share their experience with the other participants
- Be able to share information about their organization or institution
- Be able to communicate on English

Eligible countries:

Ukrain, Serbia, Romania, Germany, Russian Federation, Georgia, Israel and Greece

Financial conditions:

Education and Culture DG  will provide board, lodging and programme costs during the entire Youth Exchange travel costs will be covered by the organizers during the training course. 


Date: 10 – 17 January 2010

Venue: Baku, Azerbaijan

We pay % 70 of your travelling expenses and % 100 of you accomodation and food expenses   
Each partner organization will be represented by 2  people

Official language is ENGLISH

All interested organizations need to send first PART III 
By fax on
0090 224 270 82 12
And then post

Samet Tuna
Bursa Metropolitan Municipality
Local Agenda 21,
Ataturk Kongre ve Kultur Merkezi
Merinos Parki 16190  - BURSA, Turkey

In case if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact her on

Thank You For Your Collaboration

Джерело : http://yia.org.ua/

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