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ORSAS Scholarships
ORSAS awards offer international postgraduate students the opportunity to carry out a broad range of research at well-established UK academic institutions of worldwide recognition. ORSAS award holders make a valuable contribution, not only to the British research base, but also to economic, scientific, educational and other aspects of life in their own country. Meanwhile, their involvement in British academic life and the wider cultural experiences offered in the UK contribute to their personal development and can help increase their future opportunities.
ORSAS awards provide funding to pay the difference between the international student tuition fees and the home/EU student tuition fees charged by the academic institution that the student attends. ORSAS awards do not cover the home/EU fee element, maintenance or travel expenses.

Please remember that ORSAS awards are intended for students of full-time postgraduate research study only, and not for those undertaking undergraduate or taught postgraduate study.

Official scholarship or student grants email: orsas@hefce.ac.uk

ORSAS Scholarships Site http://www.orsas.ac.uk/

Джерело: http://unistudy.org.ua/opportunities.htm?id=905

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