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Аспірантська стипендія у Саскачеванському університеті (англ.)
Graduate Research Fellowship Position in Ukrainian Studies for 2010-2011 academic year at the University of Saskatchewan, CANADA
A position is open for a graduate student pursuing graduate research in Ukrainian studies at the M.A. or Ph.D. levels in either of the following fields — cultural anthropology, history, or religious studies. The amount of remuneration will depend on the applicant’s entry level in the program and will be between $12,000.00 to $15,000.00 CAD per academic year. Once in the program, a student is eligible to apply for other on-campus funding and work opportunities.

While pursuing her/his own graduate studying, the successful candidate will assist with the SSHRC funded project “Diaspora, Homeland and the Ukrainian Other in the 20th century” as well as other projects. The SSRHC project explores vernacular diaspora/homeland encounters in the 20th century Ukrainian culture. In addition to ethnographic research on politics of transnational vernacular (dis)engagement, transatlantic kinship mobility and exchanges, heritage tourism, and current labour migration from Ukraine, the project aims to create a searchable database of oral histories, memoirs, personal letters dealing with the topic of migration and diaspora/homeland interaction.

The applicant should hold as minimum a bachelor’s degree in the fields of cultural anthropology, ethnology, history, religious studies, or other related to the project field, have a strong academic record, and an interest in pursuing graduate research on the topic directly related to the project or any other relevant topic in the field of Ukrainian or Ukrainian Canadian studies. The applicant should possess near native knowledge of the Ukrainian language. Familiarity with oral historical methodology, related computer skills and the knowledge of additional languages are an asset.
Applicants from outside Canada should have by the time of their official admission successfully passed TOEFL with admissible by the U of Saskatchewan scores. For details go to the website of Graduate Studies and Research, University of Saskatchewan.

How to Apply:
Applicants should submit a detailed letter of interest, along with their CV and names with detailed contact information of three referees, via email to project coordinator Dr. Natalia Khanenko-Friesen Khanenko-Friesen@stmcollege.ca, by November 30, 2009. University application deadlines vary, based on the chosen department of study.
Information on the further steps in the application process to the U of Saskatchewan and the requirements for foreign applicants can be found at College of Graduate Studies and Research (CGSR) website: (http://www.usask.ca/cgsr/prospective_students/apply.php)
In addition, departments of History, Archeology and Anthropology, Religions and Culture, where the prospective applicant will be pursuing her/his studies, may have additional requirements for prospective applicants.

Starting Date:
The student is to commence work in the fall term of 2010. The possibility of an earlier start date (i.e. May 2010) may be considered.

Why University of Saskatchewan
University of Saskatchewan is home to a host of renowned scholars in the fields of history, anthropology, and religious studies. The Department of History offers a vibrant and diverse program of study at both MA and PhD level to the graduate students from around the world, while focussing on Western Canadian studies, Medieval Studies, Renaissance Studies, and modern European history. The graduate programs in Cultural Anthropology and Religion and Culture have a strong profile in the field of health research and East Asian studies. While being smaller, their graduate programs provide prospective MA students with a welcome possibility for interdisciplinarity. University has a strong and long interest in the Ukrainian and Ukrainian Canadian studies. Various faculty members across campus pursue research in Ukraine.
University of Saskatchewan charges low tuition fees. Importantly, graduate students from outside Canada, do not pay double tuition (tuition plus 100% differential fee), as it is the case with almost all other North American Universities.
University of Saskatchewan is located in the province of Saskatchewan that boasts one of the oldest and vibrant Ukrainian communities in Canada. It was the first North American University to teach Ukrainian courses for credit (in 1949). Today, it is home to the Prairie Centre for the Study of the Ukrainian Heritage (http://www.stmcollege.ca/pcuh/index.php).


Наталя Ханенко
University of Saskatchewan

Джерело: http://gurt.org.ua/news/grants/4330/

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