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Eastern European Postgraduate Bursaries 2010
Applications for 2010 Eastern European Bursaries for the Graduate students by Trinity College Cambridge in UK
Up to two Bursaries may be awarded to citizens of any countries which were part of the former USSR or Yugoslavia, as well as Albania and which are not part of the EU. Additionally, up to two maintenance-only awards may be awarded to citizens of Eastern European countries within the EU.
* Applicants for Bursaries should have taken a first-degree course, or equivalent, in their country of origin, and have not yet had a substantial period of study (more than 12 months) outside their own country.
* They are intended primarily for students who wish to take a taught post-graduate course in the University of Cambridge, leading to the MPhil degree, the LLM degree, a Diploma or a Certificate. Bursars who wish to stay on to do research for the PhD degree may compete, towards the end of their year here, for one of Trinity College’s Internal Graduate Studentships or for an Eastern European Research Bursary.

How to apply:

* Students from Eastern European countries within the EU are eligible for maintenance only awards. They should apply to other sources of funding to cover their University and College fees. See the Board of Graduate Studies finance website http://www.admin.cam.ac.uk/offices/gradstud/
* A Bursary does not include a marriage allowance or allowance for dependants.
* Applicants should note that a high level of proficiency in the English language is essential for study at Cambridge University. The Board of Graduate Studies will not grant admission to the University without evidence of such proficiency.
* Enquiries should be addressed to the Tutor for Advanced Students, Trinity College, Cambridge, CB2 1TQ.
* Applicants must also submit a completed a Graduate Student Application Form (GRADSAF) to the Board of Graduate Studies by the closing date advertised in the Graduate Studies Prospectus http://www.admin.cam.ac.uk/univ/gsprospectus/ , which can be as early as 1st January and is 31 January for most one-year courses.

Application deadline:

Completed application forms must be sent so as to arrive not later than 10 February 2010.

Website: http://www.trin.cam.ac.uk/index.php?pageid=314&subid=3

Джерело: http://unistudy.org.ua/opportunities.htm?id=1058

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