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International Education Week (2009 November 23-25)
During International Education Week (2009 November 23-25 ) you have a unique opportunity to meet Joseph Bednarek, IREX Director/Education Programs Manager.
Mr. Bednarek will conduct a presentation on the Global UGRAD program for current first-, second-, and third-year undergraduate students to spend one academic year of non-degree study in a US university or community college.

Presentation will take place next Tuesday (November 24) at 2 pm at the EAC (Educational Advising Center) conference room (vul. Melnykova 63).
For more information on this program please see  www.irex.ua/en/education/ugrad
Do not hesitate to bring your friends (first-, second-, or third- year students)!
Looking forward to welcome you there!
Джерело: educationusa-kyiv@googlegroups.com
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