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Romanian Government Scholarships
Deadline: 15 April 2011
Open to: citizens of non EU countries
Scholarship: tuition waiver, free accommodation, 65 EUR for undergraduates, 75 EUR for masters, 85 EUR for PhDs
Scholarships offered to foreign citizens by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in keeping with Government Decision No 288/1993 for the 2011- 2012 academic year
Number of scholarships: 85 scholarships for under- and post-graduate studies in Romania, by means of selection of application files organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) and the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports (MECTS), in keeping with Romanian current legislation.
Priority fields: priority will be given to the candidates applying for: political and administrative sciences, education studies, Romanian culture and civilization, journalism, technical studies, oil and gas, agricultural studies, veterinary medicine, architecture, art. Requests for other fields will also be taken into account.

The scholarships are granted for three levels of study:
* 1st cycle (licenta): to graduates of high schools or of equivalent pre-university systems, as well as to candidates who require the equivalent of partial studies and the continuation of their studies in Romania; The complete cycle of university studies lasts for 3 to 6 years, according to the specific requirements of the chosen faculty, and ends with a final examination (licenta);
* 2nd cycle (master): to graduates of university/post graduate studies; 1t lasts for 1,5 to 2 years and ends with a dissertation;
* 3rd cycle (doctorate): to graduates of university/postgraduate studies (i.e. master); it lasts for 3-4 years, in keeping with the specific requirements of the chosen faculty, and end with a doctor’s thesis;
Language of study: the beneficiaries of the scholarships should study only in the Romanian language. The candidates who do not know Romanian are offered one supplementary preparatory year to study the language.
Citizens of non EU countries (irrespective of their country of residence). Priority is given to citizens from non EU states with which Romania does not have cultural cooperation agreements. Mention should be made that the citizens of the Republic of Moldova benefit from other scholarship programmes.
The candidates should apply directly to :
* the Romanian diplomatic missions accredited to the candidate’s country of origin or of residence or to
* the diplomatic mission of candidate’s state of origin accredited to Bucharest
Documents necessary for the application file:
* Cover letter issued by the diplomatic mission of the country of origin accredited to Bucharest or of the Romanian Embassy in the respective country
* A dully filled in MAE application form (Annex 1.1 – Romanian language / 1.2 – English / 1.3 – French) for a scholarship to study in Romania.
* MECTS application form (Annex 2) for the Letter of Acceptance to study in Romania.
* Authorized copies of the study documents (baccalaureate and university diplomas if necessary) and their authorized translation in Romanian, French and English if necessary
* Authorized copies and authorized translation of the diploma supplement transcript for the studies done so far
* Authorized copy and authorized translation of birth certificate
* Authorized copy of passport
* Medical certificate attesting that applicant is not affected by any transmissible disease or by illnesses incompatible with the future profession.
* The candidate’s CV.
* 4 recent passport-type photos.
The file will be submitted to the diplomatic mission in two copies.
The successful candidates must come personally to register at the Romanian Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports MECTS, Department of International Students (General Berthelot Street No. 28 – 30), until 1 October 2010.
They will have to present a file with:
* all original documents contained in the application file
* Letter of Acceptance to study (original and copy).
* Passport (original and copy) containing a valid study long stay SD visa
The selection results will be announced on 15 June 2011 to the diplomatic missions that submitted the application files.
All the three cycles are provided:
* free-of-charge tuition
* free-of-charge accommodation (depending on availability, accommodation will be offered free-of-charge in students hostels, in keeping with the higher education regulations)
Financial support:
* 1st cycle (licenta): monthly amount representing: the equivalent in Romanian currency of 65 EURO per month, for the under-graduate students
*2nd cycle (master): monthly amount representing: the equivalent in Romanian currency of 75 EURO per month, for post-graduate students (master degrees and specialization)
* 3rd cycle (doctorate): monthly amount representing: the equivalent in Romanian currency of 85 EURO per month, for post graduate students (doctor’s degree)
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