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Scholarship pro MBA in Social Change -- Clark University, USA
The Graduate School of Management at Clark University, located in the Northeast United States, has launched a unique MBA in Social Change program. Through a new collaboration with Clark's highly respected International Development, Community, and Environment department, MBA students will learn to use modern technology and advanced analysis to creatively address environmental and development problems and promote social justice.
Clark's diverse curriculum, global perspective, and socially-engaged community help propel students into 21st century careers in corporations, government agencies, and nongovernmental organizations across the globe.

Scholarships and assistantships are available to international students.
For Fulbright applicants, there is a guaranteed 50% cost share here at the Graduate School of Management at Clark University.
For non-Fulbright applicants, the amount of aid varies considerably depending on the strength of the applicant.
A couple unique points about our admission process:
* Accept MBA applicants for spring semester as well as fall
* Accept GMAT or GRE
* Opportunity for emerging professionals, no work experience required
* AACSB Accredited
For more information, feel free to contact:
Patrick Oroszko, Associate Director of Admissions
Graduate School of Management, Clark University
508-793-7682 POroszko@clarku. edu
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