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Summer Doctoral Programme 2010 in Internet Studies
The OII's annual Summer Doctoral Programme (SDP) brings together students from around the world for up to three weeks of study with leading academics in the field of Internet Studies, and provides an academic framework in which to share and discuss students' current research.
We hope to stretch the thinking of all students on a range of issues central to the work of the Institute through seminars and lectures, to provide valuable advice and support for students' own thesis research, and to establish a peer network of excellent early-stage researchers.

Academic Programme
Teaching is structured around lectures and seminars. Students have the opportunity to present their research to their peers in these seminars, with break-out sessions allowing groups to focus more narrowly on research questions of mutual interest. Time is made available for individual research and informal contact with tutors and fellow students. The first two Programmes, held in Oxford in 2003 and 2004, covered an extensive range of theoretical, methodological and empirical material. The 2005 Programme (held in Beijing, China) extended this model, with a greater emphasis on empirical and cross-national work that highlights the changing global diffusion and dynamics of the Internet and related technologies.

Places are open to students from any discipline currently undertaking doctoral research on social, political, legal and economic issues relating to the Internet. Preference is given to students at an advanced stage of their PhD, and who are engaged in empirical and/or comparative research that highlights the changing international dynamics of the Internet and related technologies.

We also welcome applications from students pursuing issues of law, theory and policy that could inform international comparative research and from those undertaking country-specific studies. All student applications should be supported by one or more of the students' current doctoral programme supervisors or advisors.
Please direct enquiries to: sdp@oii.ox.ac.uk

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