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The third edition of the The European Diplomacy Workshop
 The European Academy of Diplomacy, in cooperation with KONRAD-ADENAUER-STIFTUNG and PZU, is proud to announce the third edition of the The European Diplomacy Workshop. 
The EDW is designed to give civil servants of government ministries; young professionals, and representatives from the NGO sector a greater capacity for understanding and influencing EU Foreign Policy by expanding their knowledge through seminars and interactive workshops, as well as putting a strong focus on personal skills development. This program is specifically designed with participants from the European Union and Eastern Partnership, and participants wishing to develop a greater understanding of EU Foreign Policy.

2011 European Diplomacy Workshop

The program's main goal is to familiarize participants with the EU Foreign Policy, especially with the initiatives of the Eastern Partnership, as well as regional and global issues affecting EU Foreign Policy, and to build and develop the skills necessary for a career in public diplomacy. Over the course of the workshop, the program will cover five focus areas: Structure of EU Foreign Policy, the Eastern Partnership and other Regional Foreign Policy Challenges (Middle East, Asia, trans-Atlantic relations), Thematic Challenges facing the EU (Energy Policy, EU Expansion), Pubic Speaking and Presentations, and International Negotiations.

Recruitment for the Spring European Diplomacy Workshop is now open!

The III Edition of the European Diplomacy Workshop is proud to announce the following speakers and lecturers:

Dr. Thierry Bechet - European External Action Service, College of Europe

Ambassador Jan Wojciech Piekarski - Former Polish Ambassador to Israel, Belgium & Luxembourg, specialist in Diplomatic Protocol.

Dr. Katarzyna Pisarska - Eastern Partnership Policy expert, Assistant Professor at Warsaw School of Economics

David Koschel - International Negotiations Trainer, Adjunct Lecturer at National School of Public Adminstration & Collegium Civitas

Mona Shair - Professional Public Speaking & NLP Coach, Key2Success

The intensive, seven-day training helps to:

* Improve, extend and update knowledge and understanding of the EU Foreign Policy with an emphasis on the Eastern Partnership and the future of EU Foreign Policy;

* Strengthen and develop professional skills through exercises team building, public speaking, and negotiations;

* Give participants a chance to discuss theissues anc challenges facing the future of the EU and region;

* Develop & extend professional network with participants and lecturers from other European countries and institutions;

* Provide an opportunity for participants to explore the European External Action Service.

Date and Venue

The training course will be held from 22nd April (Sunday) to 27th April (Saturday) 2012 at the European Academy of Diplomacy, Warsaw, Poland.

Participants will also have the opportunity to visit public institutions (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) as well as a formal visit to a Warsaw-based Embassy. Sightseeing activities will also be organized, as well as a visit to the Warsaw Uprising Museum.

Content & Structure

The European Diplomacy Workshop consists of 46 hours of seminars, skills building workshops, and study visits to Warsaw-based institutions. Renowned speakers and trainers will deliver lectures on the most important issues of European External Relations Instruments and Policies, Foreign Policy Initiatives and Issues of the EU, Diplomatic Protocol, Public Speaking, and Negotiations.


Our trainers - practitioners and academics - come from the Academy's network of experts and specialists who have long histories of work in the field of diplomacy. Many of them are directly involved in the policy-making processes taking place in Brussels and Warsaw. A certain number of sessions delivered by EU officials will provide an additional 'insider's' perspective.


The European Diplomacy Workshop focuses on both practical skills and current EU and regional issues. Our skills trainers are among the best in Europe in the areas of negotiations, public speaking, and presentation skills while our subject matter experts are former ambassadors and ministers of foreign affairs, advisors to Polish presidents and prime ministers, and leading academics in their field. Seminars, panel discussions, and workshops are all designed to give participants maximum interaction with trainers and other participants. Participants are encouraged to interact, question and challenge the concepts and issues presented throughout the EDW.

Note: The working language of the EDW is English.

For more information on the 2011 European Diplomacy Workshop<http://www.diplomats.pl/en/international-programmes/diplomacy-workshop.html>, please visit our website.

Jason Worlledge
International Program Coordinator
European Academy of Diplomacy
ul. Oleandr?w 6, 00-629 Warszawa, Polska
(+48) 508 586 846
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